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PGHTECH Talent is the official Talent blog of the Pittsburgh Technology Council.  Talent is one of the four key service offerings to members of the Council.  This site is designed to be an area to extend the conversation of the hiring needs of our member companies, a place for job seekers to meet member companies, and a place to find career advice.  This is a new effort, so be patient with us as the content develops.

justin driscollNow allow me to introduce myself to you, Justin Driscoll.  I will be your general editor.  While I won’t be writing all the content I will be facilitating all of the content.  You can expect to see interviews with technology companies, career advice articles for people looking for jobs within science, technology, engineering, and math careers, podcasts / interviews with tech companies from around Pittsburgh, and guest writers.  Our goal is to make this the destination site for STEM professionals.

If you have feedback or are interested in writing for us please shoot me an email, jdriscoll at